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Ron has been a licensed independent Insurance professional for over 14 years. Emphasizing the importance of having a dependable and reliable stream of guaranteed income in retirement, Ron acts to educate his clients in retirement income planning. Having the safety and security of knowing you will never outlive your money while being able to maintain your lifestyle in retirement, are two key areas Ron focuses on to ensure you can retire successfully.

Ron was an All-American baseball pitcher leading his team to an American Legion World Series. He later went on to play professional baseball for both the St. Louis Cardinals and the Houston Astros. He played four years of Triple-A baseball, the highest level in the minor league system. He was voted Pitcher-of-the-Year for his team that won the International League, the Triple-A affiliate team for Houston. After baseball, Ron enjoyed a career as a management professional at the corporate level.

Ron enjoys spending time with his family, golf, fishing and visiting the lakes and mountains of Idaho. Ron has offices in northern California and western Idaho, and is also licensed in Oregon.

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Ron Selak
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Ron Selak

Council, ID 83612 Rohnert Park, CA 94928

(707) 484-5431

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